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About Xinthe

Who's Xinthe...?

Xinthe is an emerging global corporation specializing in customized software applications development, web development & GIS mapping services. We have worked with several high profile companies as an extension of their team to develop highly intuitive and technologically advanced business applications allowing them to provide their clients with reliable industry leading solutions.

Xinthe, creator of Finaly, a financial analysis software for capital markets, has been developing business systems and cutting edge web based software for over 10 years since inception. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in several different areas of your business. Our team possesses skills in many different areas of business and technology.

Promoter's profile

IT Technocrat, Sridhar Panuganti having over two decades of IT leadership expertise laid the foundations for Xinthe back in March 2001 with dream to become world recognized IT solutions provider which was cherished and pursued during his 15-year stint in USA and this has come true with Xinthe now in its 11th year of profitable operations.

Since then, Xinthe has evolved into a specialized software solution provider across various industry sectors covering GIS & mapping areas as well to both government and private organizations in India as well as around the world.

Xinthe advantage

We actually have core experience & expertise in business domain. The first part of providing any technical assistance to a company is to ensure that you understand what they do from day to day. After all, how can you help solve someone's business problems if you don't have a solid understanding of what they do? Our solutions never stale, never outdated, it is kept cutting edge by having a development team who launch enhancements regularly as per clients needs.

Xinthe differs

There are number of IT applications development firms in the market today. The majority of these firms are concerned only with their bottom line and the next sale. At Xinthe we address only what happened to the client? With our goal is to exceed our client's expectations.

Xinthe employs a group of highly talented software developers and business analysts with skills in several areas of both software development and business. The client's needs and how effectively we meet them are extremely important to us. This is after all what truly determines success, and delivers to our clients superior software solutions.

We strive to change the face of the development industry by incorporating proven new ideas, principal and ethics. Creating software solutions that are both powerful and adaptable at clients end to improve the business efficiency. By implementing selected areas of today's various Project Management processes we are able to work hand in hand with industries to ensure that our solutions are not only successful, but that it's users will adapt well to the changes that may be required. We found that most of service providers required several hierarchical levels within a development group to achieve any type of success. The common result was that projects were seldom on time due to the fact that there was a failure to communicate and the end result was not client focused as something seemed to get lost in all the translation.

As a service provider our vision is to enhance software development by encouraging not only solid development skills, but the ability to discuss business logic with our clients, without the technical jargon that developers are so famous for.


Xinthe has world-class work environment with state-of-art and high quality infrastructure, through sustained investments. This renders an environment conducive for the employees to provide high quality solutions, services and support to clients. The infrastructure augments the employee's productivity and reduces engagement risk for clients.

Based on a multi-dimensional approach that

  • Establishes Xinthe , at the fore-front of the technological advances in USA
  • Leverages the cost effective IT resources provided by a country like India enriched with a highly skilled resource pool

The infrastructure development has been designed to support advancement in growth and technology.

The Infrastructure includes

  • A Marketing and Support Center - USA , UK
  • A Development & Data Management Center - Visakhapatnam , India
  • A Global Support Services Center - Visakhapatnam, India
  • Tangible Infrastructure
  • A Software and Information Management Infrastructure at each of these locations

Fact Sheet & Alliance Partners

Company Name Xinthe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Year of Inception March 2001
Nature of business Software solutions , GIS services
Clients 40 clients in 15 countries across 4 continents
Partners Technology Partners like Microsoft, Oracle, Borland, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Hewlett Packard.
Alliances ESRI Products for GIS and mapping related applications AutoCAD, ProE for CAD/CAM and Solid modeling.
Offices United States, Bahrain
Phone +1-781-890-5321
Fax +1-781-497-0889
India, Visakhapatnam
Phone +91-891-276-6795
Fax +91-891-276-6796


Strategic Alliances Welcome !

We welcome strategic alliances with organizations with whom we can jointly develop and supply domain specific and value added software products and services. Since we have a number of proprietary database and maps related survey information as well as domain knowledge in the fields of customer service and SCM for FMCG and telecom sectors, we would like you to join as strategic partners in these areas to enrich the software and databases.

Xinthe has developed a network of strong strategic relationships with key partners in the IT industry. In our perennial quest to deliver the best to our customers on time every time, these strategic alliances enable us to offer a broader set of skills & services and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing open ended cross platform solutions within the shortest possible timeframes.

We are committed to maintaining the performance standards that our clients have come to expect from our line of innovative geospatial software

Names of Alliance Partners are:

Microsoft , ESRI



  • We provide GIS applications which can be effectively used by a host of industry verticals for micro level planning.
  • Agriculture
  • Defense and Intelligence
  • Infrastructure
  • Insurance and Banking
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Urban and Regional Planning