Global Talent

Our employees always make us feel special and now it's your turn to be part of the successful team and lead from the front.


We strive to hire the best talent always intact with our business optimization. We continuously seek the best talent when we recruit any new resources that include college fresher or lateral hire. We are one among the best and high paying employer of choice at leading engineering and business schools around the world.


Our domain specialists have extensive experience working with different customers in all major Industries across the world.

Our employees are committed to continuous learning and are always ready for future challenges.

Xinthe Six-edge learning model always keeps our employees ready at all levels


The Six-edge Educational Initiatives are:

  • Executive Training
  • Role based Training
  • Continuous Education
  • Professional Certification
  • Skill up gradation training
  • Cross-functional training


We have been working on the remote execution and delivery model right from the beginning of the Organization and have improved the process continuously. We have helped multiple clients across the boundaries with our "Unified Team Model" with competitive advantages beyond conventional Pricing model with great value.


Building "Unified Team Model" (UTM)

  • Team dedicated to the client and upgrading to the client specifications
  • Branding to the core to retain our valued resources and changing our recruiting model
  • We assign dedicated staff for our clients


Delivering the "Unified Teams"

  • Our business operations are absolutely transparent
  • We influence our talent by mature processes and Industries best practices
  • We ensure that the foundation laid is strong and sustainable


Team development and Intensifying

  • Manage the teams with process oriented succession management to ensure client's requirements are first and delivered efficiently
  • Upskilling the resources working for/at clients teams
  • We build the competitive advantages developing business opportunities and explore the outsourcing opportunities to the fullest.