XACT TM Features at a Glance

  • Contact-Trace with or without Apps
  • Smartphones, Feature phones, Wearables
  • Contact-Trace infected objects
  • AI/ML based
  • Real-Time Dashboards to predict hotspots, containment zones, red zones.
  • Instantaneous Citizen alerts on infection exposure

XACT TM Product Overview

XACT TM - Xinthe Automated Contact-Tracing To Liberate World from Lockdown Nightmares © TM

Once the lockdowns are lifted, economies opened, experts opine the new normal can be sustained only through social distancing, personal hygiene, meticulous contact-tracing, widespread testing, quarantining/isolating and treating

XACT TM Proprietary Patent-filed IoT-based Sensing Layer adds intelligence/smartness to the environment (airports, stations, public and private offices, hospitals, malls, shops, trains, buses, taxis, autos...) thereby improving the efficacy of contact-tracing by 30-40X+ and slowing spread of COVID-19

XACT TM Proprietary Proven (since 2017) Cloud-based AI and Data-Science Algorithms crunch terabytes of data to capture contact-events required for contact-tracing with 1-Meter accuracy

XACT TM improves productivity  of surveillance teams by combining insights from sensing and AI and all existing methods of contact-tracing (manual interviews, Call-Detail-Records (CDR), GPS-Logs, Card-Transactions and Smartphone-Apps (AarogyaSetu, TraceTogether, Apple-Google Collaboration)

XACT TM has locational and object intelligence (is it a closed room with no ventilation? wall between contact and carrier...) and accurately determines risk level of a contact thereby minimizing unnecessary lockdown of entire building or locality or neighbourhood or city...

XACT TM - Features and Advantages

  • Works with or without an App on a smartphone. Works with feature-phones, wearables such as headsets, smart watches et al.
  • Contact-Trace infected objects (Door Handles, Lift Buttons...) for a configurable number days beyond the Contact-Event
  • Predict in Near-Real-Time future hotspots at fine grained granularity of Locality/City/Mandal/District/State/Country and assist authorities in prevention
  • Helps in the diagnosis and cure cycle by identifying recoveries and herd-immunity characteristics of population for blood plasma collection
  • In future, monitor the health of the traced contacts (heart-rate, temperature, blood-oxygen) from wearables and also ensure they follow quarantine guidelines
  • Utility beyond contact-tracing for COVID-19 and also after COVID-19 pandemic has passed because sensing and AI are enablers for Smart-Cities
  • Scale-free Solution locality/city/mandal/district/state/country/world level. Simply add more sensors and more servers on the cloud for more coverage and accuracy


How It Works? Make Apps and Environment Smarter!


XACT TM Café Illustration

  • App based Solutions Contact-Trace person to person interactions provided both have the App
  • Assuming a 10% adoption of the App, probability of two people having an App is 1%
  • XACT TM Contact-Traces person to person(s) with or without App on their phones
  • XACT TM also Contact-Traces person to infected object (door knob, handrailing...) interactions for 3 days or more
  • Scenario: a Café has 30 customers a day. A customer who visited on day one tested COVID-19 +ve on day 3. The illustration compares the efficacy of XACT TM and App based solutions


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3

XACT TM Press Release

Xinthe Technologies Announces XACT TM - An Automated Contact-Tracing Solution - To Liberate The World from Lockdown Nightmares © TM. XACT TM pronounced as X-ACT Augments App based solutions And Complements Manual Efforts Government Agencies to improve Contact-Tracing efficacy up to 60% or more.

Xinthe Technologies, a Custom Software Development and a GIS company that developed XACT TM, has been working on Spatial Analytics based solutions for many years in the past for the retail industry and re-purposed it for COVID-19. Leveraging their proprietary IoT-based Sensors and AI, the solution can augment existing Apps like TraceTogether, AarogyaSetu by expanding their reach to smartphones without Apps, feature phones and wearables such as smartwatches, headsets.

The CEO of Xinthe Technologies and an alumnus of IIT-Madras, Sridhar Panuganti said that, "XACT TM can be easily deployed in all public offices, airports, railway stations, bus stations, hotels, malls as we have the solution ready today and we are eager to do our bit to help the world grapple with this pandemic. XACT TM can predict outbreaks, hotspots, red zones before they happen, giving health services teams an edge in their plans to fight this menace. In addition XACT TM can Contact-Trace an infected object (door handles, lift buttons...) for a number of days beyond the contact-event."

The Primary-Investigator of XACT TM and an alumnus of NIT-Warangal, Srikant Jakilinki chimed in saying that, "Beyond contact-tracing, XACT TM can potentially monitor the health of the traced contacts (heart-rate, temperature, blood-oxygen etc.) from wearables, ensure the traced contacts and the public at large follow quarantine rules by integrating XACT TM with GIS expertise of Xinthe. Also, by applying the data science of predictive-analytics at Big-Data scale, we are confident that XACT TM can trace the spread of the virus itself and have utility even after COVID-19 pandemic has passed."