The world prefers to have business relationship with countries that practices effective e-Governance. The use of modern Information and Communication Technologies such as Internet, Local Area Networks and mobiles etc. by Government bodies improve the effectiveness, efficiency and service delivery to its public and to promote social equality.


Why Xinthe focus e-Governance:

It is our Corporate Social Responsibility to contribute to the effective Governance towards public management. e-Governance can transform public service, provide access to information to empower every citizen of the country, enable their active participation in government and enhance citizen economic and social opportunities so that everybody can make better lives for themselves and for the next generation.


The Public Administration and its model of governance is transforming because the expected outcome is extraordinary due to advancement in Information Technology Practices and citizen-centric models of governance and the citizens are very technology-savvy. To improve delivery of government services to its stakeholders, the several governments are actively embracing the use of Information Technology.


We at Xinthe Technologies, look at how the major key technologies such as Analytics, Cloud Computing and Mobility hold the potential to create the far reaching reform that India demands.


Xinthe's "BIF" Business Initiatives for Future helps in understanding the complex business environment in which Industries operates. It will provide industry leaders and experts with actionable insights of different trends and forces influencing the Industry decisions and simplify their IT and business strategies for gaining competitive advantage in the future.


A large number of initiatives have been undertaken by various State Governments and Central Ministries to uplift the technology usage in the government bodies and transform the practices to e-Government. Sustained efforts have been made at multiple levels to improve the delivery of public services and simplify the process.

  • Xinthe developed a full-fledged web application to manage all operations of Visakhapatnam Port Trust. It has successfully converted the following independent VB applications running in Client server environment into an single integrated web application:
    • Port Operations Management
    • Port Railway Operations Management
    • Materials Management
    • Personnel Management
    • Finance Management
  • An added facility was created in the web application wherein the user can import the EDI messages coming from Customs Department and Port Community System (PCS) and integrate the same with the Port database and the Application Screens.
  • Facility was also created to export the EDI messages from Port database to the Customs Department and Port Community System (PCS).
  • An integrated security system for the users was built in the application to take care of access permissions for screens and functions and application specific data
  • Windows authentication was applied for internal users and a separate login validation implemented for external users




Few other initiatives:

Name of the Client: Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Visakhapatnam
Name of the Project: Landbase map creation for GVMC area
Name of the Client: REIS, US, 137 Oakland Ave., Suite 1-B, Monroe, NY 10950
Name of the Project: Land base map creation
Name of the Client: HDMC , Hubli Dharwad, Karnataka
Name of the Project: GIS Services for HDMC
Name of the Client: Commissioner Land Records , Got of MP , Gwalior
Name of the Project: Creation of Spatial Database (Digitization) of Maps
Name of the Client: Sangli Miraj Kupwad Municipal Corporation- Sangli
Name of the Project: Comprehensive GIS application development for Sangli Miraj Kupwad City Municipal Corporation
Name of the Client: Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation
Name of the Project: Comprehensive GIS application development for Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

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