Technology practices @ Xinthe


We challenge ourselves to stay ahead.


Technology is touching every entity in the society. Enterprises are looking at technology to create operational efficiencies and engineer differentiated solutions for their customers. The dynamic consumer expectations and changing technology landscape is adding to the complexity of making the right technology decisions.


Cloud computing has become more a service than a product. Mobility is providing the required ubiquity, enabling real time access to information. Data is coming with volume, velocity and variety. Xinthe's expertise and focus is to engineer meaningful solutions with such technologies to improve our customer's reach and their ability to create value for their businesses and customers. We do this by taking a business perspective and using technology to solve the enterprise challenges. When we build an information technology solution for our customers, "we first understand their business and their customers".


Our business-forward approach and focus on engineering meaningful solutions help us create value for our customers, which is non-linear and disproportionate to their investments. Xinthe has expertise both in technologies that are stabilized and the ones in evolutionary stage. Our emerging technology group continuously tracks the trends of early stage technologies and creates pilot solutions to ensure adaptability with customer's business. This enables our customers to realize the solutions faster and create competitive edge in the market.


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