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We have years of experience in building client specific solutions and customer centric application navigation.


The applications we have built for different customers are dealt with the entire life cycle of their transportation, warehousing and logistics management.


The applications we built are for world's premium travel services "Limousine Services Provider", entrepreneurs who do business worth millions of dollar every day.


The recent application that we have developed is for one of the renowned customer in North America. The system has different modules which deal with the entire life cycle of a ride, starting from a call from passenger till gathering satisfaction report of customer after the ride.


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The most unsettling aspects today in the world addressed in the US conference by "Association of Washington Business":


Transportation leaders in Olympia do agree on a few things. First, that Washington desperately needs a comprehensive transportation package - A challenge for definite software application, which could enhance the transparency for every business deal.

And second and perhaps most pressing, "The one thing we all agree on is we're paying too much on our transportation projects," said Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda


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In this module the customer associate will collect the basic information about Ride, like pickup, drop-off, extra stops, extra services etc, lot of information in this module is pre saved meaning the information regarding the passenger is stored in database, and if the same passenger calls, the screen will be filled with his information based on his profile id. The module is also flexible to store any User Defined Fields (UDF's) like cost center, employed it etc, once the required details are given, based on the pickup and drop off zones the pricing engine will calculate the amount it costs for the ride.


Pricing Engine

This is the heart of the system as it calculates the ride cost based on the different parameters of the ride which includes the specials prices for different account types of the user profile, ride type (airport or regular), discounts for loyal customers etc.


Dispatch Module

Once the ride is confirmed with use, the system goes through Dispatch module where the ride is dispatched to a chauffeur based on the schedule of chauffeurs, the chauffeurs get this information on their MDT / TWP (two way pagers) and from then on they can communicate with Fleet Control at Boston Coach for various functionalities like chauffeur at location, passenger in car, any extra stops or services and so on, once the ride is completed the chauffeur communicates the same through TWP by sending a code to the system.


Vehicle Tracking

When the ride is in progress, this module is the key as the chauffeur communications is live in this module based on different codes that a chauffeur can send from his TWP like Code 4,5,6, and so on, this module also tracks all the communication that is sent to TWP from fleet control.


Ride Closeout

Once the ride is completed, the ride is closed which then starts the Accounting process, the accounting process involves Accounts Receivable and invoicing modules. The accounts receivable is used for different payments options like invoice payments, account payments and so on, the invoicing module deals with all the credit card rides so the rides that are completed are submitted for final settlement through batch process to different CC processors


Credit Card Transaction Manager

In 2011 Boston Coach has decided that they are going to change their CC processor to Elavon, and so the CC process has been changed drastically, the Elavon processer requires lot of customized data which is used to process the ride payments, the major change is adding the functionality of Reversals, the prior processer did not support reversal which used to cost Boston Coach for a fee, the Elavon processor which supports Reversals for cancelled rides where pre authorization is made on card or change of CC on ride and already a pre auth is done on the old card, the reversals are submitted to Elavon, this was achieved by developing SQL jobs and a real time monitor which creates the batches with these rides and submits to Elavon.


Above are some important modules in O2, when the life cycle is in process there are some sub systems which sends email, confirms, modifications to rides, reminders to passengers.


In 2010 Boston Coach started a new project called NPI (New Product initiative) ,the main aim of this project is to add Connection Vehicle types which are basically economy sedans to the existing fleet. This required lot of customizations and changes to O2, through this new product each customer account is given a preference to set their account type so that when a economy sedan is available for the given pickup and drop-off the customer is offered that service, based on this the pricing engine which is changed to accommodate this new vehicle type calculates the price of the ride


VWS (Vendor Web Service)

Boston Coach has many automated channels where the rides are created from those channels in O2, we have developed a new web service for TranspoNet (a Vendor) through which rides are created, modified and closed, all these actions are performed through a web service developed using latest .NET framework, the communication are done in a secure way and lot of information is exchanged between 2 systems through web services, this VWS is developed for a flexible process, so it new vendors for Boston Coach can be added to system with a very little effort as lot of the configuration is data driven and can be configured in quick time.


Port and Logistics

  • Xinthe Technologies foot print on major port operation finally evolved in the year 2006-07. We have developed a full-fledged web application to manage all operations of Visakhapatnam Port Trust. It has successfully converted the following independent applications running in Client server environment into a single integrated web application:
    1. Port Operations Management
    2. Port Railway Operations Management
    3. Materials Management
    4. Personnel Management
    5. Finance Management
  • An added facility was created in the web application wherein the user can import the EDI messages coming from Customs Department and Port Community System (PCS) and integrate the same with the Port database and the Application Screens.
  • Facility was also created to export the EDI messages from Port database to the Customs Department and Port Community System (PCS).
  • An integrated security system for the users was built in the application to take care of access permissions for screens and functions and application specific data
  • Windows authentication was applied for internal users and a separate login validation implemented for external users



Below is the List of features available in the web application:

  • Port Operations Management
    • Export
    • Import
    • Equipment
    • Labor
    • Lease Area
    • Iron Ore handling
    • Billing
    • Integration with PCS (Port Community System) messages
    • Integration with Customs messages
  • Finance Management
    • Books
    • Pensions
    • Tender
    • Budget
    • Investment
    • Loans
    • Assets
    • Provident Fund
    • Estate Rentals
    • Integration with PCS (Port Community System) messages
  • Materials Management
    • Indent
    • Purchase
    • General Stores & Ore Handling stores
    • Sub stores
    • Claims
    • Disposals
    • Receipt and Dispatch
    • New Items
  • Personnel Management
    • Manpower Profile
    • Attendance
    • Payroll
    • Advances/Loans
  • Railway Operations management
    • Indent & Forecast Details
    • General Operation
    • Ore Handling Complex Operation
    • Commercial
    • Railways Billing
      • Bill Generation
      • Bill Linking
    • Integration with PCS (Port Community System) messages



Web Server Microsoft IIS
Database Layer Oracle 9i
Framework .NET 4.0
Programming Language ASP.NET , C#
OS Windows 2003