"Value Assessment and Real Estate Services Portal"

PropertyDreamZ.com's "Value Assessment and Real Estate Services Portal" was intended to help property buyers and sellers to make an appropriate investment decisions based on spatio-temporal and socio-economic factors which continue to influence the value of the place/property.

The portal supports the buyers and sellers with historical trends and possible growth value of the property in the future based on the micro level map based analysis. It facilitates the user with information up to neighbourhood level about the cities/metros through an intuitive and interactive web interface tools.

Following are the benefits to the customers/commercial property developers
in terms of achieving their business goals.

  • One stop shop for all property needs
  • Minimize risk on investments thus save money/gain money
  • Smart investment decision portal
  • Recommend high growth areas
  • Highly Intuitive and Interactive web interface for online property booking
  • Create value for investment
  • Facility to keep track of fluctuations in property market
  • Increase sales
  • Maximize the client reach

Using our PropertyDreamZ.com's portal, one will get complete information about the location that could help to take a wise decision on investment against land/plot/property in a cost effective manner.


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