About Us

Engineering Business Excellence

Xinthe Technologies, a global IT player, empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of the digital world seamlessly. Leveraging the potency of innovative technology, we craft bespoke, robust, and scalable solutions that propel businesses toward their envisioned future.

Our specialism lies in the heart of enterprise technology - the creation and management of powerful, easy-to-scale platforms that power businesses across the retail, e-commerce, travel, and oil & gas sectors, to name a few.

Our technological fluency, combined with a keen understanding of sector-specific intricacies, positions us as the ideal partner for businesses pursuing dominance within their respective highly-competitive, digitally-dominated industry niches.

Over two decades, we've honed the art of adapting to an ever-evolving global technological landscape. Driven by a forward-thinking ethos and an unwavering commitment to technological innovation, we don't merely adapt to change; we anticipate, we innovate, and we lead.


"Guided by a commitment to operational excellence, our objective day in and day out remains to facilitate seamless digital transformation via the strategic deployment of a host of mainstay and next-gen IT offerings in order to maximize both efficiency and client value."

The Xinthe Advantage

  • Adaptability & Speed: Amid the never-ending flux of emerging technological disruptions, we stand apart with our swift assimilation of new technologies and concrete understanding of our clients' business operations.
  • Streamlined Structure: Our minimalist yet effective organizational design fosters prompt decision-making processes and ensures the accessibility of our top-brass executives to clients throughout their journey with us.
  • Quality-Driven: We at Xinthe are steadfast in our commitment to upholding and exceeding the IT industry's gold-standard benchmarks in software development and performance.
  • Value Optimization: Through our deep-rooted technological expertise and 360-degree understanding of our clients' businesses, we’re able to deliver top-tier IT solutions time and again, ensuring best-value outcomes in comparison to our market peers.
  • Elite Talent Pool: Our workforce - our crown jewel, thrives on innovation, motivation, and proficiency. We stand firm in our belief that discipline, creative flair, and unflagging effort are the building blocks of Xinthe's prolonged success.
  • Innovation-Led: Our perpetual commitment towards product and service enhancement drives us to deliver maximal added value to our clients through relentless innovation.
  • Business Convenience: We place paramount importance on crafting a smooth and effective business environment for our clients and vendors. Fair dealings, ethical conduct, and adaptability encapsulate our business interaction ideaology.
  • Track-Record of Excellence: Our history sparkles with a consistent delivery of high-caliber software systems across a spectrum of industries and transnational boundaries, since our very inception.


Solutions to meet every need

Xinthe is uniquely qualified, both as an expert as well as an innovator in the field of technology. We provide custom software as well as envision and engineer off-the-shelf products as passion projects. The multi-faceted experience of our engineers translates to innovative solutions that result in accelerated growth for our customers.

As a software services company, our customers benefit from our disciplined project development methodology. With our product engineering mindset, they get flexible, extensible solutions. At Xinthe, our customers get the best of both.


Custom Software Development   Drive Your Business Your Way with Tailored Solutions


For decades, organizations of all sizes have harnessed the power of software to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce expenses. In the early days, custom development reigned supreme, before the pendulum swung towards off-the-shelf (OTS) solutions. However, businesses often grappled with intricate requirements ill-suited to generic OTS offerings. As a result, hybrid solutions - masterful blends of OTS and bespoke software - emerged, capturing an ever-expanding market share.

Xinthe has been an integral part of this metamorphosis, primarily excelling in custom development by addressing process and reporting gaps, assimilating external systems, and orchestrating ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) operations from OTS systems to reporting platforms.

Bridge The Technological Divide With Xinthe

At Xinthe, we specialize in crafting end-to-end solutions, seamlessly integrating diverse systems and filling the voids to forge a comprehensive, unified solution. With an unwavering commitment to achieving 'Absolute Customer Satisfaction,' we astutely comprehend the distinctiveness of each client, honing in on project challenges and pivotal necessities. By transforming your visions into tangible deliverables, we maximize business proficiency.

Imbued with product engineering prowess, Xinthe's DNA comprises proven multi-sector development methodologies and the cumulative expertise of our innovative software developers. This engineering acumen empowers clients to optimize costs, expedite time-to-market, and ensure progressive quality and advanced features in every release.

Our holistic approach melds agile practices to construct custom solutions, regardless of complexity, within an accelerated development timeline. Agile thinking affords heightened control over the development process, guaranteeing quality and stakeholder visibility. Moreover, it provides flexibility to accommodate eleventh-hour modifications, risk mitigation, and ultimately, a superior ROI.

Quality remains our paramount priority. Xinthe boasts a cadre of quality assurance specialists proficient in manual and automation testing. Employing functional, system, stress, performance, usability, and acceptance testing techniques, we ensure your product emerges pristine and bug-free upon release.

Production Support and Monitoring   Guaranteed Availability of Business-Critical Applications Around the Clock


In the realm of IT, deployment is merely the first milestone in a journey that unfolds over an application's entire lifecycle. Continuous maintenance necessitates regular monitoring, routine upkeep, and peak performance optimization. Proactive error resolution and heeding warnings are crucial to prevent any potential disruption to your business.

Despite having state-of-the-art monitoring tools at their disposal, many businesses find themselves in a bind owing to the lack of resources required to manage these tools and interpret the data they produce. Debugging errors, enhancing performance, and rooting out the underlying issues can prove to be complex tasks. These challenges often necessitate software modifications and comprehensive regression testing before the resulting changes can be safely implemented and propagated across the system.

Xinthe steps up to the plate here, assuming these responsibilities and going the extra mile to ensure your applications maintain consistent top-tier performance and reliability.

Xinthe can take this on and more, so your applications deliver sustained performance and reliability.

Xinthe - Your Partner in Business Continuity

With our detail-oriented teams backed by extensive industry experience and best-practice protocols, Xinthe ensures your critical applications are always online and performing optimally. We can handle a spectrum of tasks, from minor enhancements and bug fixes to large-scale enterprise software implementations.

We employ automation in our monitoring processes wherever feasible, using off-the-shelf alerting tools or our in-house MyAlertX - a powerful alerting engine designed to dispatch automated notifications to the designated engineers, bolstered by a structured escalation matrix. Our monitoring strategy is further reinforced with tools for version control, branching workflows, security updates, and automated software deployment, ensuring your applications' long-term performance, stability, and scalability.

Furthermore, our production support factors in the need for ongoing enhancements to existing systems. Our model incorporates software development services to swiftly implement these enhancements, thereby minimizing system downtime, curbing performance degradation, and reducing security risks.

Staff Augmentation   Access To The Crème-De-La-Crème Of Tech Experts

Staff Augmentation

In the modern business landscape, even organizations with robust IT departments populated with SMEs, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, and Testers often find themselves needing to augment their teams temporarily or permanently for various projects. Alternatively, they may need to assemble an all-new, multi-skilled team to convert a nascent business idea into a fully-functioning product. Or they might be grappling with an underperforming vendor and need expert assistance for a seamless transition to a new team.

Staff Augmentation has emerged as a speedy, cost-effective avenue for organizations worldwide to reach their goals. It's the perfect solution for businesses of any size looking to sidestep the usual roadblocks associated with sourcing, recruiting, and retaining top-notch talent. However, finding the 'right' talent requires the 'right' partner.

Xinthe excels in identifying just the right resources at the right time for hard-to-fill or temporary roles. This effectively ramps up the scalability and efficiency of your project development.

Xinthe - Connecting You with The Best-in-Field Talent

Having a right-sized team with the right skill-set is essential to the success of any project. Our Staff Augmentation services are designed to help you build such a team. Our deep-rooted tech expertise helps strike a perfect balance between project progression and cost-effectiveness.

Xinthe's Staff Augmentation services cater to all types of projects. Whether it's a simple or complex project, involving prototyping or full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web applications, we have a diverse range of IT professionals to fulfill your specific project needs.

  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • .NET & JAVA Developers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Big Data Engineers
  • AI/ML Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Developers
  • QA & Test Automation

Trust Xinthe to enrich your team with unparalleled talent, propelling your projects to their full potential.


Cloud Migration   Elevate Your Business Through Agile, Swift & Uncompromisingly Secure Cloud Adoption


Venture into the future with the cloud, a high-powered ally enabling businesses to zero-in on their strategic endeavors. The cloud is not merely a cost-cutting or opportunity-unleashing tool - it's an innovation-driving, delivery-enhancing, and legacy-issue-resolving powerhouse. As internet-centric data increasingly overshadows datacenter traffic, a paradigm-shift is not just visible, but inevitable. A whopping 70% of network traffic has already taken the off-premise route, compelling an organization-wide shift towards cloud-centric IT strategies.

The journey to off-premise excellence, however, is not a trouble-free cruise. Cloud migration is a comprehensive affair that extends beyond merely deploying cloud-based applications - it calls for well-orchestrated planning. An underprepared approach risks schedule-slippages, budget-blowouts, exposed security loopholes, discontented customers, and a dip in productivity. This is where Xinthe enters the picture.

Opt For A Tailor-Made Cloud Transition Guide In Xinthe

Acknowledging the unique digital evolution stage of every business, Xinthe is dedicated to crafting a personalized cloud adoption strategy. We kick-off by thoroughly understanding your business aspirations, hurdles, and existing tech infrastructure. Delving into the complex interrelationships and dependencies across your workloads, applications, and users, we glean valuable insights to carve a Cloud Migration Strategy exclusively for you. With Xinthe, a seamless transition from any application environment to the cloud is more than achievable.

Xinthe walks hand-in-hand with you, steering operational and functional changes in your cloud migration voyage. Whether it's the relocation of mission-critical workloads from on-premise setups to the cloud, or a carefully-paced transfer of infrastructure and data, our migration plans are as unique as your needs. Keeping an array of factors in mind - including present setups, cloud re-engineering, SaaS deployment, on-premise retention, or application retirement, we adapt to your specific circumstances.

AI and ML   Accelerate Innovation by Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies

AI and ML

Against the backdrop of rapidly advancing computing capacities, economical storage, and the rise of open-source platforms like Google AI, TensorFlow, and Microsoft Azure, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have transitioned from novelty to necessity. Enterprises equipped with these platforms remain well-poised to harness the potential of AI/ML for superior business performance.

The escalating surge of structured and unstructured data, sourced from a range of platforms including social media and web traffic, opens up a gold-mine of opportunities. Data-driven businesses stand to enhance customer experiences, engineer superior products, and boost sales and operational efficacy.

The convergence of AI/ML, IoT, and cloud technology forms a solid base for enterprises to metamorphose their business models, evolving in tune with a volatile market landscape.

Future-Proof Your Business with Xinthe's Machine Intelligence Capabilities

Xinthe provides unmatched support in scrutinizing your historical data for actionable insights, trend spotting, outcome forecasting, and action-suggesting to metamorphose your business landscape. Irrespective of where you stand on your AI & ML journey, our team of seasoned experts can help steer you towards your business goals.

Our developers, adept in essential frameworks, algorithms, programming languages, tools, and state-of-the-art tech stacks, are capable of crafting industry-specific AI/ML solutions. With our proficiency, the sky's the limit - automate processes, discover unprecedented insights, build predictive systems, and tap into untapped revenue streams by maximizing your enterprise data.

IT Competencies

At Xinthe, we recognize the pivotal role that precise tool application and technology selection plays in the success of a solution. We leverage the most appropriate and cutting-edge technologies to provide your solution with the competitive advantage it needs to stand out.

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Sass
  • JQuery
  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • RequireJS
  • C3
  • D3
  • Power BI
  • Crystal Reports
  • Tableau
  • Jasper
  • JReports
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • JIRA
  • Bugzilla
  • Visual Studio Team
    Foundation Server
  • Microsoft.NET
  • VB
  • Webhooks
  • ASP.NET Web
  • API2
  • SignalR
  • Entity Framework
  • C#
  • Selenium
  • MSTest
  • NUnit
  • Specflow
  • Extent Reports
  • APACHE Jmeter
  • LoadRunner
  • Sitecore
  • Vinyl
  • WinForms
  • WPF
  • Windows Services
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft IIS
  • MySQL
  • Solr
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Neo4J
  • Arora
  • Gradle
  • Apache Ant
  • Mavel
  • GIT
  • Bamboo
  • Jenkins
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Puppet Labs
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Nagios
  • Raygun
  • AppDynamics
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Hybrid
  • Java 8+
  • JSP
  • Servlets
  • Struts
  • JSF
  • Stripes
  • EL
  • EJB 2.0/3.0
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot
  • JMS
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka
  • SSIS
  • Spring Batch
  • Spring Integration
  • Talend
  • Camel
  • Boomi
  • JDBC
  • JPA (Hibernate, Eclipse
    Link, iBatis)
  • Spring data JPA,
    Cassandra, MongoDB,
  • Spring JDBC
  • Templates, JTA
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Node JS
  • Web Logic
  • Web Sphere
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Hive
  • HBase
  • Pig
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • SSL & Encryption of data before transmission and storage
  • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Firewalls & IP Whitelisting
  • SQL, XML, LDAP Injections
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Path Traversal, Denial of Service and Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  • Manual Testing: Jira and Bugzilla
  • Automation Testing: Selenium (Cucumber) using java /dot net,
    Katalon studio
  • Performance Testing: JMeter
  • API functional testing: Postman, JMeter, Swagger, Advanced Rest
    Client, Rest Assured,Katalon studio
  • Penetration testing: Burp suite and ZAP Proxy



MyAlertX is designed particularly for the IT operations management sector, a domain characterized by complex task coordination, incident management, and real-time user collaboration. It addresses the key challenges of efficient incident escalation, user rotation, and effective project management, especially in high-pressure, deadline-driven environments.

The MyAlertX application focuses on streamlining the incident management workflow. It assigns incidents based on predefined user levels, automatically escalating matters to higher levels when required. This tiered approach reduces bottlenecks and ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of tasks. MyAlertX's alert system informs users about new incidents, status changes, and switch requests, maintaining transparency and facilitating quicker decision-making.

On the project management front, MyAlertX enables an efficient rotation system based on daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. It includes a "switch user request" feature, giving users the flexibility to delegate tasks while maintaining accountability. Projects are neatly categorized with clear indicators for duty status and snooze durations, allowing for easy tracking and management.

One of MyAlertX's standout features is the comprehensive logging system, accessible exclusively by level 4 users (Observers). This feature provides an overview of all incidents, their statuses, and detailed user response records, offering valuable insights for performance evaluation and process improvement.

The application also ensures seamless interaction with popular external services via Rest APIs like Cherwell, JIRA, SolarWinds, etc., providing the ability to pull in data and functionality from these platforms.

With a user-friendly mobile interface and a robust cloud-based server architecture, MyAlertX aims to transform the way IT operations management teams coordinate, communicate, and control their work environment, providing a seamless, efficient, and effective solution for incident and project management.

Salient Features

  • User-Friendly Login
    Secure login with mobile number and password, with options for password management and theme customization.
  • Comprehensive Home Page
    Includes a toggle button for user activity, a list of assigned projects, and the ability to request user switches.
  • Tiered Incident Management
    Automatic escalation of incidents based on user levels, with the option to snooze notifications and efficiently manage incidents.
  • Project Listing
    Detailed display of projects, including project name, user level, snooze time, and duty status.
  • Switch User Feature
    Ability to request other users to work on a project, with capabilities to define date and time ranges.
  • Detailed Incident History
    Provides a list of all past incidents handled by the user, including declined, in-progress, and snoozed incidents.
  • Notifications System
    Displays new incident assignments and switch requests, along with their acceptance or declination status.
  • Log Functionality
    Offers a comprehensive log of incidents for Level 4 users (Observers), including open, in-progress, and resolved incidents.
  • Integration With External Services
    Seamless interaction with popular services like Cherwell, JIRA, and SolarWinds through Rest APIs.
  • Mobile & Cloud-Based
    Easy-to-use mobile application backed by a streamlined cloud-based server architecture.


Octopix is a groundbreaking application that revolutionizes the use of existing CCTV infrastructure by integrating it with cutting-edge AI/ML computer vision technology. This transformation allows businesses to convert their surveillance systems into smart, data-driven tools that can dramatically improve operations and boost profitability.

The market potential of Octopix is significant, tapping into the rapidly expanding IoT sector. The business model is designed to generate continual revenue streams through device sales, platform usage, consulting, and bespoke projects. The device's potential to join supercomputing grids or blockchain mining efforts offers additional opportunities for revenue generation.

Moreover, the unique architecture of the Octopix application democratizes access to Deep Learning (DL), Business Intelligence (BI), IoT, apps, digitization, ads, and crypto for businesses of all sizes, across sectors. Its magic lies in the transformation of traditional CCTV systems into smart, data-driven systems, leading to quicker response times, heightened accuracy, and broader inspection areas. This innovative approach paves the way toward a smarter planet, one business, one neighborhood, and one city at a time. The benefits of Octopix can be summarized as follows -

  • Cost Savings
    90% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), offering a return on investment of up to 18 times.
  • Efficiency
    Octopix can act as a force multiplier, increasing operational efficiency by up to 50 times.
  • Energy Savings
    Helps businesses reduce their energy consumption by up to 30%.

Salient Features:

  • Existing CCTV-Infrastructure Integration
    Octopix works with your existing CCTV cameras, video archives, and legacy CCTV (HDMI-Loops), eliminating the need for costly upgrades or replacements.
  • Plug-N-Play Device
    This modular, patented, and reusable device integrates with 3-4 cameras and a local BI-Portal for easy installation and operation. Priced at just $300, it offers an incredibly cost-effective solution.
  • Fast Processing & Local Operation
    Octopix operates locally and offers rapid processing capabilities, making it light, customizable, and efficient.
  • Crypto Wealth Creation & Supercomputing Grid
    The Octopix device can also serve as a node in a distributed supercomputing grid or a blockchain mining system, providing an additional revenue stream.
  • DIY IoT + Apps + Digitization + Ads Platform
    The application supports a multitude of use-cases, fostering creativity and innovation. It also serves as an ad platform, providing businesses an opportunity to monetize their systems further.
  • Occupancy Monitoring
    Octopix allows businesses to understand the utilization of their spaces better, contributing to safety, compliance, and improved efficiency.
  • Data To Action
    Octopix's integration and solutions ecosystem transforms raw data into actionable insights, driving savings and profits.
  • Extensibility
    With its marketplace and app-store, Octopix offers a platform for extensibility, allowing for an even wider range of use-cases.
  • Energy Saving
    Through smart monitoring and controls, Octopix can help businesses reduce energy consumption and costs.


Retail Migration To ERP Platform

Xinthe played an integral role in orchestrating a seamless transition from the legacy system to an ERP platform, leveraging the Software as a Service (SAAS) model. The meticulous consideration of every style element, encompassing material, color options, leagues, and teams, formed the basis of our team's approach. By skillfully delivering essential data extracts, we helped facilitate smooth loading processes into the ERP system. This included the configuration of raw and finished goods, an exhaustive bill of materials, and the precise determination of both wholesale and retail pricing. Consequently, the streamlined integration fostered an environment where both B2C and B2B models could effortlessly execute sales orders, thereby augmenting customer satisfaction and operational efficacy.

Web Applications For B2B Team

The B2B team derived substantial advantages from Xinthe's bespoke web applications, expressly designed to articulate and govern new catalogs for an array of seasonal offerings. This enhanced product visibility and adaptability, with the solution employing cutting-edge technologies such as ReactJS, helping facilitate intricate UI features, including image drag-and-drop functionality and custom controls.

Comprehensive Reporting Module

Xinthe's suite of solutions manifested in the development of an all-encompassing Reporting Module uniquely tailored to align with specific facets of our client's operations. This unified strategy towards data management, scrutiny, and reporting endowed the organization with invaluable insights and a panoramic view of its operational landscape.

Support To The Purchasing Team

Within this all-encompassing reporting mechanism, Xinthe also included provision for vital support to the Purchasing team. Through the delivery of incisive reports, production orders lacking critical transit times were meticulously kept track of, empowering the accurate calculation of due dates for unimpeded production planning. These reports also synthesized a clear overview of orders allocated to factories, thereby enhancing manufacturing precision and efficiency.

Optimization For The EDI Team

Xinthe's reports proved pivotal for the EDI team, serving as an essential tool in fine-tuning electronic data interchange processes. This translated into a more expedient and trustworthy exchange of information.

Tailored Reports For The A/R Team

The Accounts Receivable (A/R) team reaped significant benefits from Xinthe's customized reports, replete with comprehensive information on B2B payment transactions. This streamlined and invigorated the accounts receivable management process.

Custom Customer Reports

Xinthe's specialized reports addressed the distinct needs of our client's customers, furnishing detailed insights into shipment confirmations, inventory adjustments, shipment tracking, and more. This strategic approach amplified customer-centric service delivery.

Vigilance In Monitoring Product Pages

Demonstrating an acute awareness of B2B team requirements, Xinthe's reports systematically monitored product pages on their websites. This ensured the prompt identification and rectification of any missing images or attachments, reinforcing a polished and proficient online presence.

Support For The Logistic System

Complementing the above, Xinthe provided essential support to the existing logistics system through the adept importation of data from various logistic partners. This enabled the tracking of inbound shipments, expanded supply chain visibility, and honed logistic operations, culminating in the well-synchronized flow of goods.

Oil The oil and gas sector is a multifaceted industry that spans from exploration and drilling (upstream operations) to distribution terminals, fuel stations, and homes (downstream operations).

Upstream Advancements

Embracing Technology Upstream operations demand substantial investment and cutting-edge technology. Leveraging sophisticated technology is crucial for robust productivity and efficient asset utilization while maintaining fiscal restraint.

Driving Downstream Efficiency

Strategic Planning Downstream operations face tight margins, necessitating meticulous planning and coordination. Enterprise visibility into the network ecosystem facilitates data-driven decisions, optimizing operational efficiency and cost structures.

As a seasoned IT solutions provider for the Oil & Gas industry, Xinthe offers support that enhances resilience and competitiveness. By strategically hedging in commodity markets and optimizing sourcing and dispatch strategies, Xinthe brings unity to diverse data sources, delivering operational insights.

Bridging the Gap: Unified Approach to Upstream and Downstream

Xinthe connects the complexities of upstream and downstream operations, fostering a balanced ecosystem that thrives on efficiency and intelligent data utilization. Utilizing AI, ML, and cutting-edge IT capabilities, Xinthe empowers proactive decision-making for sustainability in a volatile market environment. Streamlined Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies

Xinthe partners with our clients in the Oil & Gas industry to streamline processes, enhance customer experience, and optimize business efficiency. From retail price management to mobile applications, Xinthe's tailor-made solutions delivered tangible value to one of the leading companies in the Oil & Gas sector as highlighted below.

Optimizing Dispatch Operations

Xinthe developed an innovative system designed to maximize margins through effective sourcing and dispatching strategies. This solution was integrated with multiple systems, fostering seamless coordination and efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance Simplified Dramatically

Xinthe's robust multi-tiered solution ensured compliance with the 'Specially Designated Nationals' list. It encompassed systematic validation and auditing features for transparent and accountable processes.

Comprehensive ETRM & RPA Support

Xinthe's support for Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) facilitated smooth front-to-back-office workflows. Their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities drastically improved automation for various processes, contributing to innovation and technical excellence. A proof-of-concept (POC) bot was developed to reset faulted tasks based on user-defined configurations. Another bot was designed to extract and normalize invoicing data from PDFs, integrating flawlessly with RightAngle's payable matching tasks for automated accounting settlements. Furthermore, Xinthe extended its RPA support, developing RPA solutions for all retail processes.

Customer-Centric Mobile Application

Xinthe's mobile app streamlined the process of locating gas stations, providing personalized options and enriching the customer experience.

Auth Dotnet Vault Migration

Xinthe integrated the Auth Dotnet Vault, allowing for the migration of customer data whenever a new customer was acquired. This integration reinforced the security and efficiency of customer data handling within the organization.

Convenience A quintessential part of daily life since the 1930s, convenience stores have served as scaled-down versions of full-fledged grocery stores, deftly combining the essentials of retail with the practicality of attached fuel stations. This symbiotic relationship between a convenience store (or C-store) and its corresponding gas station is a strategically sound business model, capitalizing on the relatively higher margins from C-store items versus fuel sales to drive foot traffic and amplify profitability. As a result, the convenience store sector has emerged as a formidable and steady growth engine in the retail landscape.

Much like their larger counterparts in the retail industry, C-stores grapple with the intricate challenges of escalating customer-centricity and advancing digitization. However, owing to their curated product assortment and compact retail space, the primary task for C-stores remains the optimization of inventory management. This calls for profound consumer insights to fine-tune inventory, spur category innovation, and reimagine services - like click & collect or home delivery. Beyond the customer-facing storefront, there is an implicit need for C-stores to evolve from a linear supply chain model to a complex, interconnected supply chain network.

Furthermore, as the sector continues to expand, it encounters additional complexity due to mergers and acquisitions. These often result in the integration of disparate systems, consolidation of purchase agreements, and alignment of profits and losses.

Here at Xinthe, we leverage our specialized know-how across diverse domains, devising solutions tailored to equip convenience stores with the digital infrastructure they require. Our aim is to empower these stores to not only compete but thrive amidst the fluctuating dynamics of a consumer-driven market. This strategic amalgamation of our competencies and insights, combined with our innovative digital solutions, serves to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience, and ultimately, drive growth for convenience stores in this dynamic landscape.

Vendors and C-Stores integration

Xinthe introduced an innovative solution towards the integration of existing Vendors to C-Store chain.

This enhanced vendor portal provides brand representatives with an efficient, user-friendly platform to manage their brand related products, prices, and promotions where there is a contract with the client. All different types of promotions like bulk sales and promotional pricing are accommodated as per the customer needs. A key feature of this solution is its robust security and review process. Once an item is created by a brand representative, it undergoes thorough scrutiny by the Category Manager and Pricebook Manager, who are vested with the final authority to either accept or reject the item(s) and pricing. The approved products are available in the store through seamless integration of the portal and ERP system. This meticulous approval process ensures the quality and suitability of each item before it is enlisted in the store. The Vendor Portal exhibits Xinthe's prowess at crafting industry-specific solutions that facilitate operational efficiency, improve security measures, and augment user experience.

Dell Boomi Integration

Usually, Retail / Convenience stores have different channels where upstream and downstream of data passes among different systems supportng the operations of the organization. A transformative strategy and implementation to streamline and centralize the process involves considerable effort.

Replacing legacy methods like DoS Scripts, interdependent processes without proper failure tracking mechanism, person dependency are challenging for any organization. To remedy these issues, Xinthe introduced Dell Boomi AtomSphere - a multi-tenant cloud integration platform that bridges cloud and on-premises applications and data. This solution replaces the legacy processes with cloud-based integration processes, aptly named 'Atoms,' streamlining the data transfer among various applications.

Xinthe re-engineered the entire project using Dell Boomi for the clients, integrating various tasks using workflows with a notable feature of in-built error handling, which automatically alerts end users via email about any failures at the source for EDI data. The processes developed within the Boomi integration to integrate EDI data, SFTP sites such as Haulers, Banks, and DTN Energy.

The Dell Boomi Integration exemplifies Xinthe's ability to implement next-gen technology to overcome complex operational hurdles, transforming customer's data management system into a more efficient and reliable structure.


Retail Cigerette Price Management Engine for C-Stores

Customer has a retail pricing software available on premises. But when it comes to pricing of cigerettes, there are limitations to accommodate different factors. The Retail Price Management Engine - a customer specific solution, was specifically designed by Xinthe to automate and manage complex cigarette pricing scenarios, including parity, buydowns, and margin-based rules.

Cigarette pricing is intricate and requires detailed consideration of several factors like buydown periods and configuration of deals for two-pack items. To streamline this process, a user-friendly tool was built that allows store owners/clerks to play around with and automate the calculation of cigarette prices in their stores. The tool serves as a playground for determining pricing with different factors and then applies the targeted margin to generate the new prices and are updated in the ERP for updated pricing in the stores. 'Red Flag Reporting' is also available to help ensure competitive pricing. Moreover, the tool can configure 'Price Down' discounts based on Parent-Child relationships among the products, adding another layer of versatility to pricing management.

This solution is another testament to Xinthe's ability to understand complex client needs and deliver a tailored solution, offering significant efficiency and automation in the retail pricing process.

Transport Xinthe's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional technological solutions has fueled a transformative shift in the limousine and livery industry. Our extensive range of software and mobile applications has been meticulously tailored to cater to car operators, regardless of fleet size or specialization. At the heart of this innovation is our cloud-based reservation, dispatch, and account management software solution, a true industry leader that adeptly addresses the unique needs of small and medium-sized operators, fostering unparalleled operational efficiency and dynamic growth.

Through the adept utilization of cutting-edge technology, we've seamlessly integrated innovative website templates, robust booking engines, and optimized passenger and driver interactions. This integration ensures not only seamless connectivity with digital-savvy consumers but also enriches communication channels with drivers, effectively transforming car operators' websites into robust reservations hubs. Our design philosophy revolves around delivering a holistic management experience for operators, encompassing reservations, dispatch, billing, payroll, messaging, reporting, and more.

What truly sets Xinthe's contribution apart is the unparalleled access it provides to the industry's most extensive operator exchange, facilitated via our affiliate network. This revolutionary approach enables instant reservation farming and automated status updates across an expansive network of nearly 5000 companies spanning over 60 countries.

As a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SAAS) product, Xinthe takes immense pride in the pivotal role we've played in continuously enhancing our offerings. Our key contributions encompass:

  • Implementation of stringent password validation rules to bolster security measures.
  • Sustained enhancement and maintenance of Reservation, Invoice, and Rating functionalities.
  • Fortified APIs, seamlessly incorporating new functionalities into the system.
  • Seamless integration of Payment Gateways, supporting services like Stripe, Square, Century, and Fullsteam, both with and without Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • Adoption of OAuth authentication for integrations, alongside the incorporation of efficient NoSQL databases like Redis and Couchbase for streamlined data caching.
  • Harmonious integration of key third-party products, such as Zapier and Add-ons, empowering users to effortlessly create and update accounts and bookings.
  • Integration of flight stats and Google APIs, enabling essential functionalities.
  • Creation of APIs for passenger and driver mobile apps, as well as integration with online calendars like Google and Outlook for displaying rides.
  • Implementation of versatile import and export functionalities, with ongoing work towards the integration of Single Tenancy DB for companies.
  • Diligent efforts to elevate system stability, including performance tuning of existing Stored Procedures (SPs) and enhancements to the core notification system for optimized performance and issue resolution.
  • Development of passenger web Apps and Reports and Analytics from the ground up, utilizing cutting-edge technology like ReactJS.

Core Information Gathering & Pricing Engine Implementation

The foundation for a seamless experience was laid by gathering the core information about each ride, including pickup and drop-off locations, extra stops, and desired services. These details were methodically stored for easy access and reference. The pricing engine then took an active role, intricately computing the precise cost of the ride. It factored in an array of variables, such as special pricing for diverse user account types, the nature of the ride (airport or regular), and rewards for loyal patrons.

The Dispatch Module: Ride Assignment & Vehicle Tracking

Upon ride confirmation, the focus shifted to the Dispatch module, a pivotal stage that orchestrated the assignment of rides to chauffeurs, aligning with their schedules. Chauffeurs were instantly notified via their pagers, establishing a direct line to Fleet Control. This dynamic interaction empowered chauffeurs to relay essential updates, including their exact location, passenger status, additional stops, and requested services. As the ride reached its conclusion, chauffeurs seamlessly communicated the termination by transmitting a designated code to the system. Vehicle tracking was meticulously maintained, recording every exchange between chauffeur and Fleet Control, ensuring precision and coordination.

Accounting Process: Accounts Receivable & Invoicing

Ride closure heralded the beginning of the Accounting process, managed with utmost accuracy by the Accounts Receivable and invoicing modules. Accounts Receivable expertly handled various payment options, ranging from invoice settlements to account payments. The invoicing module specialized in credit card transactions, carefully guiding completed rides through a streamlined batch process, ultimately submitting to various credit card processors.

Enhancement In Credit & Reversals

A hallmark enhancement introduced by Xinthe was the incorporation of Reversals for credit card payments. This technical achievement was realized through the development of SQL jobs and a real-time monitor. These components collaboratively generated batches containing rides requiring Reversals, ensuring accurate rectification of transactions within the credit card processing framework.

Subsidiary Systems For Ride Experience

Xinthe's expertise extended to crafting subsidiary systems that enhanced the ride experience. These included sending out email confirmations, facilitating ride modifications, and issuing timely passenger reminders. Ride optimization found expression through the system's wise ability to offer passengers economy sedan alternatives when available, illustrating a commitment to tailored service.

Cutting-Edge Web Service for Ride Life Cycle Management

Innovation continued with Xinthe's creation of a cutting-edge web service that skillfully handled the life cycle of rides. Leveraging the latest .NET framework, this service protects communications through a secure conduit, enabling seamless data exchange between systems. A noteworthy feature was its adaptability; the accommodation of new vendors became a streamlined process. With configurations being data-driven, new integrations were achieved with remarkable efficiency.

Travel In the past decade, the global travel sector has experienced a seismic shift. The rise and subsequent pervasiveness of internet, mobile, and IoT technologies have reshaped the ways in which travelers are connected and engaged. This digital transition has marked a significant departure from the traditional norms, opening up new horizons in the travel industry.

Today's travel sector, encompassing airlines, cruise liners, rail and road transport, hotels, and tour operators, functions in an increasingly interconnected ecosystem. This paradigm shift has facilitated the journey of a traveler in unprecedented ways, from being able to explore countless options and secure unprecedented bargain deals, to crafting idyllic itineraries, all from the comfort of their own homes and within a matter of minutes.

The recent pandemic has further punctuated the need for technological innovation. As temperature checks, PCR tests, and vaccination certificates became integral to the travel experience, technology stepped in to make these transitions smoother and safer. The travel industry has adopted technologies that enable minimal touchpoints, health checks, contactless check-ins, seamless payment experiences, and QR-enabled boarding passes and food menus. This digital intervention has set a new precedent for travel safety.

Indeed, the travel industry has embraced technology wholeheartedly to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. At Xinthe, we've been at the forefront of this digital revolution, working with travel businesses globally to extract optimum value from their technological investments.

Our focus is primarily on Group Travel providers. We assist them with their high availability web servers, powered by trailblazing technologies like SOLR & Zookeeper, and robust back-end ERP systems. From tours, tour inventories, itineraries, reservations, pricing, and payments to marketing, reporting, and integration with partner airlines and hotels, we provide holistic technological solutions We pride ourselves on our expertise in knitting together all the players in the travel ecosystem to foster seamless business operations. This includes integration with Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, Right Rez, and more, thereby setting the stage for a more unified, efficient, and profitable travel industry.

Commitment To Excellence In Testing Process Management

Xinthe has standard quality assurance processes as part of project executions as well as a practice to support clients with quality specific service. Xinthe's meticulous execution of Testing Management processes helps heighten the quality and reliability of our clients' systems to unparalleled levels. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned QA resources, cutting-edge testing tools, and robust project management techniques, Xinthe ensures that every development project exceeds benchmarks before its official release.

Xinthe's Impactful Contributions To A Leading Global Transportation Company

Xinthe has worked collaboratively with the customer to improve their quality process from zero to mastery. Xinthe has introduced quality process Test Plans which are exhaustively prepared, encompassing vital elements such as Test Cases, Scope, Approach, Responsibilities, Environments, Risks, Issues, Dependencies, and the Ticket Life Cycle. This ensured a complete and holistic approach to quality assurance.

QA for external integrations is done at 3 levels. The APIs exposed through external entity, integration testing and UI / UX testing for utmost quality adherence. Along with UI / UX testing, sites are also tested for content search, tools search, package search, etc. Performance testing is introduced to the customer to identify the screen response time for ultimate user experience. To improve detection and rectification of the errors, data dog and zooker log monitoring system functionality is added with automatic notifications so that quality service is provided to the end users.

Holistic Impact On Business Operations

The comprehensive influence of Xinthe's Testing Process Management resonated across a spectrum of critical operations, fine-tuning various facets of our client's business ecosystem. From streamlining the group inventory management process to orchestrating operational contracts with suppliers providing bookable services, Xinthe's exhaustive approach drove efficiency and excellence. The system adeptly handled queues, onboarding of new agencies, document queue management, and supplier management, infusing versatility and accessibility. Tour series management, tour setup, operations, vendor communication, and more were all planned impeccably, resources were allocated effectively, and customer service issues were addressed seamlessly by the Xinthe touch. This overarching dedication to quality and precision demonstrated Xinthe's expertise in elevating the foundations of our client's business operations.

The Xinthe Work Culture

A great place to inspire and be inspired

At Xinthe, our commitment goes beyond the excellence of our work - it extends to the vibrant, motivated people who make it all possible. We deeply value the creation of a positive and inspiring work environment, where every team member, regardless of their role, is appreciated and respected.

Our organizational structure is designed to encourage collaboration and synergism, reinforcing the essence of teamwork in all we do. The accessibility to top management and our open-door policy invites constructive feedback, underlining the importance of every voice and every idea.

Continuous learning is an integral part of our work culture, empowering employees with a diverse range of technology exposure. The opportunities for upskilling are boundless—whether it's gaining insights into our clients' businesses, understanding the nuances of the software development lifecycle, or exploring various specializations. At Xinthe, you can carve your career trajectory at your own pace, leveraging the extensive benefits of a global organization.

Xinthe's policies are thoughtfully designed to prioritize our employees. With our hybrid work model and flexible working hours, we encourage a balanced work-life rhythm. Our employees enjoy twenty-four vacation days with instant leave encashment. Our comprehensive health coverage, extending to your family, parents, and in-laws, is a testament to our belief that our employees are our extended family.




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